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17.10.2017 09:45

Different Luxury Car Rental Services In Miami Charge Different Location Surcharges

You may be unaware of the fact that different Luxury Car Rental services in Miami charge different types of car rental location surcharges, according to the car rental contract. These charges will affect your final bill and being knowledgeable about it will help you to make the right choice. You will not give any car rental company, a chance to rip you off thinking that you are new in the field of car rental. These location surcharges include airport and rail station surcharge, parking fees and premium location surcharges. It will include late return fees, out of hour’s fees and others.

Fees Can Vary

The Luxury Car Rental location in Miami surcharges can vary and are applicable typically while picking up the car rented at any major transportation hub that includes cruise ports as well. Depending on the location, you will be charged accordingly. Along with these fees any allied fees like waiting and parking fees are included. The parking fee can vary from place to place and the rate largely depends on the availability of parking space. In some areas, government specific parking rate is applicable, while in some other places parking fee can be exorbitant. Therefore, know about the standard additional charges, before you hire the car.     

Hours of Operation

You must be aware of the fees that will be charged for the number of hours in operation of the Luxury Car Rental in Miami. Pay attention to these operational hours of the offices where you will pick the car up or drop off during release. You must also know about the hours for which you have arranged the rental. All this will eliminate the chances of dropping the car off later than the time you agreed to during making the reservation. Any late drop off with fetch you a ‘Late return fee’.

Add A Day’s Rent

You should be aware that the late return fee will be calculated on several factors and therefore plan your trip strategically so that you do not miss out on the time of your return. This late fee will depend on the time of the day you return the car. Usually these fees are charged on hourly basis with no part thereof but if you return it after a couple of hours from the start of their business hours the Luxury Car Rental company in Miami can add the rental for an entire day citing reasons for lost business.

Ways To Avoid

You can avoid location surcharges if you pick up a rental downtown instead of an airport or rail station service. This will be cheaper but for that you will have to know the way to reach to downtown in the first place from your point of arrival. For this either you will have to hire a cab or navigate through public transportation. Moreover, if you have considerable luggage then navigating your way to downtown and hauling your luggage will prove costlier that paying for airport or rail location surcharge. Moreover, you can save on the ‘out of hours fee’ as these will have longer hours of operation than any downtown. For more information visit Our Website

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