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08.02.2018 12:36

Is Auto Insurance Important To Consider While Choosing Luxury Car Rental In Mallorca

Insurance is an important factor that you should be well versed with and consider when you hire Luxury Car Rental in Mallorca. It is not enough to know about the rental car insurance coverage that you can enjoy when you make the payment for such car rentals through your credit card. The credit card companies have a lot of norms and formalities that involves with such insurance that might end up in non-payment due to valid reasons. Therefore, you save you from any unwanted surprises in the end, if any unfortunate mishaps occur, it is better to know all about car rental insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Sometimes, the Luxury Car Rental agency in Mallorca will offer you with insurance policy when you hire a car from them. In some instances, such insurance may be included in the price for luxury car rents, as well. Be specific and ask about it to the company as it is for sure that you will be confused about the protection of the rented car. You may avail a comprehensive insurance coverage for the rented car by paying a small amount to the car rental company. This will enable you to get collision coverage, auto theft protection as well as towing facility in case of any accident.

Credit Card Insurance

Your credit card will also have some car rental protection if you use it for making the payment of such rentals but there is a catch here. You must make sure that you do not pay for the comprehensive insurance coverage provided to you by the Luxury Car Rental agency in Mallorca with this specific credit card that already carries such insurance coverage. If you do so, then the insurance coverage offered by your credit card will become null and void automatically. You cannot take advantage of both for the same car and therefore, you should be very careful when you use a credit card for making such payments.

Your Own Insurance Coverage

Most of the people who own a car have their own auto insurance and assuming that you have one, you can enjoy the benefit of the liability coverage against any mishaps. But things are also not very simple in this case. If you want to avail such an insurance benefit you must make sure that your insurance covers all the details of it. Things can become all the more complicated when the Luxury Car Rental agency in Mallorca charges you for administrative fees and diminished value of a damaged luxury car in a collision. Therefore, it is always advised that you know about the terms and conditions and carefully assess them before you choose any insurance coverage.

General Liability And Collision Coverage

When you want to stick to your personal car insurance,you must know that it is basically for general liability and there is a lot of difference between it and collision coverage for a rented luxury car. Know whether your personal insurance includes collision coverage. Also check whether it is for collision only or provides protection against rental car theft, fire and vandalism. Visit Here: Apex Luxury Car Hire

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