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05.07.2018 11:39

Discerning The Rental Policies of Luxury Car Rental Outlet In Cannes To Ensure A Smooth Experience

As regards the age limit and requirements in the rental policies, vehicles are available to customers and drivers beyond the age of 21 years. Drivers need to have clean and good driving record sans any major moving violation, accident record, DUI convictions, penalties or similar issues and infractions. The main thing is that the Luxury Car Rental companies in Cannes cannot rent any car to drivers below the age of 21. That’s a strict policy. All renters have to be physically present at the rental’s start. The companies don’t allow any third-party to pick up your cards. It’s an imperative for their employees to physically hand over the keys of the vehicle to the person who will be driving the car.

On insurance

The Luxury Car Rental service in Cannes make it clear and every renter has to carry some type of insurance for covering the damages to the car in the event of a mishap. You have several options in this regard. The easiest option is that if you are carrying an insurance policy on your personal car that you lease or own, it will come into play. The rental firm will verify the same with your insurer and affirm if your policy is active or not.

The insurance gamut

People coming from London, Berlin, Rome and some other cities need to maintain the liability insurance only. Customers from other states need to maintain full-coverage policy/insurance. It will include collision, comprehensive repairs and liability. The good news is that it doesn’t matter if you drive the car personally. Such things won’t matter as long as long as you have your insurance in good rating and standing. Then, your carrier is bound to cover the damages to the vehicles. You can think of it as if it’s just another day in your hometown when you were driving down the street can caused a collision with some in a Bentley! Your insurance has to cover the damages and losses even if you were driving a Volkswagen.

Noted options

You have another option in the insurance gamut of Luxury Car Rental services in Cannes. For certain services, if you carry an American Express card, they will provide a program by the name of Premium car rental protection. The facility is directly available from American Express, which provides comprehensive coverage for your concerned GDC rental car. It’s undoubtedly a great option since you can purchase it in additional to your normal insurance policy and get an extra layer of shielding. In case none of the insurance pitch applies, you can find some 3rd companies providing damage waiver items. However, the rental companies are quite strict about any 3rd party involvement.

For international renters

International renters coming to this beautiful city with a driver’s license and valid passport from their home country can have access to a large fleet of stunning cars. The companies can arrange for proper insurance coverage for the international tourists renting a car for at least two days. Do remember that international renters without their personal insurance policy will be subject to more security deposit amount. Depending on the vehicle, it’s $5k-$15k. For more information visit here: Apex Luxury Car Hire


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